Wednesday, August 19, 2015

How We Laughed

This is the Sedan crater in Nevada, site of a nuclear test explosion (July 6, 1962). It certainly is impressive.

I thought what it might be like to visit such a site: is it even open to the public? So I looked it up on Google Maps: oh snort! 

The Sedan crater is in an area of the Nevada desert called 'Butte Wash'… how could anyone take that seriously?!

Mid-August, 2015

Sunflower on Throop Avenue, Brooklyn. 

Weathered sign on Herkimer Street, Brooklyn. 

Mallow bush emerging from sidewalk, Harlem. 

A brick field in Chelsea. 

Armored rhino, Chelsea. 

He gets bad cat hair. 

Elegy in brass for Chris Christie? A trombonist practices underneath the George Washington Bridge. 

Farewell, Baron: my friend's elderly boxer went to a dog rest home somewhere near Albany... 

Remembering George, who was murdered in Trenton, New Jersey, a year ago on July 30th.