Saturday, November 18, 2006

Separated at birth... Dawson and Eliot

I have been saying this for months now, but no one listens: New York's governor-elect, Eliot Spitzer and filthy insatiable gay porn star Dawson, are clearly related, perhaps separated at birth; or even... the same person? Above left: Dawson; above right, Eliot.

While dictators rage and statesmen bleat, all Latvia dances — to The Leprechaun Beat

From the New York Times:

'Many Latvian employers argue that economic interests must supersede historical grudges if the Latvian economy, one of the poorest in the 25-member European Union, is to become competitive. So many Latvians have emigrated that construction sites across Riga sit empty for lack of workers. Companies have installed billboards across the capital pleading with Latvians, “Don’t go to Ireland; we need you.”'

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

O'Malley's Marching on

Rejoice! In last week's broad Democratic election victories across the U.S., one winner stands out from the usual crowd of suits: Martin O'Malley, mayor of Baltimore and all-round hunk, who has been elected governor of Maryland.

'Irish' to his core, O'Malley has until recently fronted his own Celtic rock group, O'Malley's March, until pressure from his political career forced him to temporarily hang up his guitar. If California can elect a knuckle-head Austrian actor as governor, then Maryland is even more fortunate, because O'Malley can perform on a concert stage and seems to be a shrewd politician as well.

I wish this election had been a total rout for the Republican Party, in the manner of the defeat visited upon the Conservative Party in Britain in 1997 -- a total, crushing, humiliation. Setting aside my contempt for religion of all kinds, and judging the Republican party by its own professed faith -- has there ever before been such a vile bunch of fakes professing Christianity while acting like snakes? Probably...