Sunday, January 06, 2008

Dismal unto death

BELFAST, Northern Ireland — A Derry man repeatedly beat his grandmother and then seized her phone in a bid to stop her calling the police, it was claimed in the High Court in Belfast yesterday.

Cathal Feeney (21) of Crawford Square in the city allegedly attacked the 76-year-old woman in her bed as she slept, a Crown lawyer told a bail hearing.

Opposing his release, Douglas Edmondson said the pensioner claimed to have been woken on December 21 by a man jumping on top of her and punching her about the head and face.

The attacker shouted at her: 'Why did you not meet me in Derry' and 'Why did you not give me the f***ing money', the court heard.

Mr Edmondson said: "At this point she recognised his voice as that of her grandson Cathal."

Carlos and Malin

I reconnected with some old acquaintances tonight!