Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Tunnel Vision at Nostrand Avenue

You too can see this odd little thing on the lower level of the Queens-bound platform, in the Nostrand Avenue subway station on Fulton Street -- where the A and C trains stop.

That's a nice bit of tiling, eh? But what's that little rectangle right under the letter A in NOSTRAND?

It's...a...'s a photo of the same bit of tiling! Glued to the tile. How very odd. If anyone can give some insight, please get in touch. 

Sunday, June 09, 2013

West 164th Street is a Bloody Mess

I was walking along West 164th Street in Washington Heights this morning, when I happened upon the aftermath of a really nasty fist fight, or some sort of savage beating-up...

Aside from the large splatters of congealed blood: the blood-encrusted remains of someone's wristwatch, and on the right... is that part of the plastic hand grip from a pistol?

Blood was splashed on two cars parked by the sidewalk...

The entire scene was gruesome. What happened here?