Saturday, May 18, 2013

James Baldwin's Wife?

In a FedEx Office outlet last evening, two employees were trying to outdo each other in loud voices, about their respective godliness.

The young man asks the older woman: 

"But tell me, do you read the King James Version of the Bible?"

His out-of-her-depth older colleague replies with a confused squeak:

"He...he had his own version of the Bible?!"

Lost for words, she gave  a sort of  hmmmph!  of  disgust, as if to say, 'his own Bible! Isn't that just typical of him!'

Clearly leading with his superior knowledge, the young guy then goes on to say that King James was that king with, you know, the Six Wives. 

"Oh yes," said his colleague, trying to get back in the game, "one of the wives was called Ann Baldwin, wasn't she?"