Friday, February 17, 2012


Atop the main entrance of Grand Central Station is a bunch of naked people: Hercules (left), Minerva (right), and in the center, Mercury. Throngs of commuters passing daily probably do not grasp from down below on the sidewalk, just how vast this sculpture by Jules-Felix Coutan is: Mercury is about 52 feet tall, from his winged feet to his helmet.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

People of East 72nd Street...

...what are you thinking?! "Nature's Blessing"?!

Meanwhile, in East Harlem, some poor bozo with some flair, feels like the world is against them (above)...

...yet two doors away from Mister Nobody-Cares, someone thought to hang out this cheeky chimp!

In the Housing Works thrift store on East 23rd Street, yesterday: "Did you hear about Whitney Houston?" "Houston, she has a problem..." Oh booo.

"The multitudinous seas incarnadine..."

I saw this can of evaporated milk in Brooklyn, and thought the parrot was so pretty... 

Finally, what else can one say about these two mighty workhorses of the New York City subway, the 2 and 3 lines... ? Epic.