Saturday, June 29, 2013

Larkin' with Bikes, Flowers, Dykes, Fairies

The new Citibike rent-a-bicycle program seems to have few fans in heavily-Orthodox Jewish Williamsburg, Brooklyn... then again, today is the Sabbath. It is also Gay Pride weekend. Happy Pride, everybody

I moseyed past some guys who resembled Moses, then saw this delightful patch of waste ground off Myrtle Avenue. An abundant, "vegetable love" of wild flowers has grown here.

I cannot remember the name of this climber: Convulvulus? 

These are cornflowers, I think...

"...and walked along 
 The platform to its end to see the ranged 
 Joining and parting lines reflect a strong 
 Unhindered [sun!]..."

[From Dockery and Son, by Philip Larkin; with apologies to Larkin for changing 'moon' to 'sun'!]