Friday, November 10, 2006


From today's New York Times; a U.S. Marine sergeant in Iraq tells his soldiers that widely-criticized U.S. Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld has been fired by President Bush:

The sergeant went upstairs to tell his marines, just as he had informed them the day before that the Republican Party had lost control of the House of Representatives and that Congress was in the midst of sweeping change.

“Rumsfeld’s out,” he said to five marines sprawled with rifles on the cold floor.

Lance Cpl. James L. Davis Jr. looked up from his cigarette. “Who’s Rumsfeld?” he asked.

Location, location

Right now, at 1:16pm EST, I am at 47 West 127th Street, and my incredibly ugly feet are being photographed by a photographer. The hideous images are being shot on film, so no digital version is available just now.

Bum scare

Dear me. Deary me:

A dangerous prank quite literally backfired and landed a 22-year-old squaddie in hospital with a scorched colon – after he stuck a firework up his bottom.

The soldier inserted a rocket in a place definitely not recommended by the Fireworks Code and, as onlookers cheered, lit the blue touchpaper.

The prankster [Surely 'MORON,' -- Ed] , who has not been named but who recently returned from a tour of duty in Iraq, was badly burned.