Sunday, February 09, 2014


I was waiting on a friend the other day, and I sent him a text, then two texts, then a third text. Still no response. And I could see the Dunkin Donuts he was sitting in! Yet clearly he was oblivious to my messages.

Impatiently, I called his cell number, finally resorting to the main purpose for which those ubiquitous devices in our hands were invented — phone calls — and yet which always seems to be the last option we choose to use. That got his attention. 

Some time later, he texted me. In reference to the three text messages I had sent to him, he wrote: I was not paying attention to my phone

I started to write back: I know

Then I turned it a touch more specific (or so I am congratulating myself now!):

I knowticed

Let me be the first to congratulate me in coining a new word, definition pending, but something like this:

to knowtice (verb): to be aware of something in advance of others comprehending it.