Friday, August 15, 2014

Yellow Cabs, Steam Venting, Vermillion Monsters

Mid-afternoon, Midtown Manhattan, East 52nd Street… 

Suddenly, chickens above my head. 

Other creatures, too…

…monstrous things,…


…serpents, and from the corner of my eye, I saw the Medusa! (Did you SEE what she was WEARING??)

These are the Greek Monsters, on display at the Onassis Foundation: 
The Greeks knew that they must face their monsters, look them in the eye (even with a mirrored shield, as Perseus does with Medusa), and destroy them. Because they were, in a way, externalized concepts of what lay within every human being, these ‘monsters’ must be first acknowledged, then vanquished.
The Greek Monsters may be seen in the atrium of the Olympic Tower, 645 Fifth Avenue, at East 52nd Street.

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Sic semper tyrannis!

This shocking photograph was taken in the small American city of Ferguson, Miss., a suburb of St Louis, Miss.: race riots continue after police shot and killed a black teenager; Ferguson city population: 22,000 people, 60% black; the police department: of 53 police officers, 50 are white. They need the same reformation in policing as we had in Northern Ireland… (not that it makes everyone happy…)…

Anyway, look at those hideous weapons carried by the goons on the right, whose forearms alone are almost as thick as the head of the retreating local on the left. What I want to say will relate to another post, which I haven't written yet.

Supporters of the Second Amendment say that gun ownership is necessary to prevent tyranny, that the government of the day will think twice about messing with you, if you have a gun. This is indeed, a compelling argument, almost touching...

"Gentlemen, do not deliver the severe weather advisory flyer to 345 Knickerbocker Avenue. Mr. Smith has a legally-held hunting rifle, and is known to be a libertarian." 

At times I feel like opening the window and simply roaring with laughter, but I don't want to get shot. 

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Pity the Planet, All Joy Gone

This amused me, in a mirthless way: someone chose the white space to the right of a YouTube ad, "Is Climate Change Irreversible?" to harp on thusly:

Americans unite in support of Hamas freedom fighters, end the blockade, human rights for Palestine, stop Israeli genocide and other war crimes, teenage mutant ninja tortoises, call off US aid to fascist Israel now, Allah Akbar.

What! But I thought climate change was a Zionist plot, too!?