Friday, October 22, 2010

Funding For National Public Radio

Alexander Prior

Until this afternoon, I had never heard of Alexander Prior, a classical music conductor most recently attached to the Seattle Symphony Orchestra. He's also a composer of some moderate success, and he's... the reason he's notable is that he was born October 5th, 1992!

Signs and Wonders

West Village

14th Street

145th Street

145th Street

"Ears Pierced While You Wait"!
145th Street

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Three Out of Every Two Horses Aren't Green!

Latest garbage from, which makes the annual activity pictured above seem utterly normal:
Irish men are losing their libido as one-in-five Irish men have little to no interest in sex according to systemic family therapist David Kavanagh.

He believes that the situation is “a crisis we urgently need to address”. However Irish men’s loss of sexual desire is not something that they are willing to talk about with the lads down in the pub, he explains.

Sunday, October 17, 2010


High-speed camera + loud speaker + paint. (And cling film to cover the speaker).

The Persistence of A. H.

In Berlin, an exhibition of everyday objects from the 1930s and 1940s seeks to show just how much Hitler and his Nazi mystique permeated German society, from emblems on wallets and key rings to this set of toy soldiers, above. Lots of people lined up at the German Museum of History on the day the show opened. Were they horrified, fascinated, attracted, repelled? Apologizing for the Nazis eventually devalues the apology and leads to subsequent generations who may well say, "we're tired of groveling." But how could a nation not apologize for a Hitler? These are questions which I am sure have been asked many times already, and will be asked for a long time to come. In a recent book, "The Legacy of the Second World War," historian John Lukacs suggested that as the last generation of people with living memories of the Second World War pass away, the likelihood of Hitler's 'rehabilitation' by historians increases...