Friday, July 11, 2014

Something But Nothing

I was checking my spam email folder the other day, and noticed an email had very faint text showing in the background. What could it be? A *secret* spam message? Even cheaper herbal Viagra from even farther away?? 

I am none the wiser for reading it. This is the text:  

Take care of course not really. Something about me but nothing at that.
Turned in beside her face. Ruthie and Abby had taken care. Dick to feel up his hands.
Whatever it would have enough to smile.
Wanted him smile to look.
Looking up his hand reached for them. Nothing but since he took Terry. Hands in with me for Maddie. Everything all right hand on John.
Lizzie said turning to hope.
Please God would call home.
Before but he could handle this. Neither one here she stood. Sounded as John said nothing more.
Victor had once he could almost ready.
Stay calm down and start the thought. Because she shook his own place. Jake are new every morning.
Three girls had only get everything. Ready to Emily had she swallowed hard.
Stood at our place for dinner. Despite the movie had kept his hands. Right next time you want it open.

Chapter twenty 

Three girls came into that. Abby had forgotten about all right. Okay but since she nodded.
Every morning Terry opened then turned away.
Bedroom with Izzy said she know. Got in front door handle it away.
Yeah well but kept her own place. When we going with both hands. Daddy and pain that before long moment. Heart the hard to sleep.
Pick up some sleep on John. Tomorrow morning had never said.

Tuesday, July 08, 2014