Saturday, September 21, 2013

Primarily a Good Day

Tuesday, September 10th was Primary Day in New York City, with a variety of local elections being held around town.

The most powerful man in New York City is seen above, with Superman in the foreground... Who is the most powerful man? -- that would be the suit-wearing jackass who promotes the Lotto...

I had concluded that Bill Thompson (above), would steal the day by coming from behind to win the Democratic mayoral primary. He did not win, but he did come close. The winner was Bill de Blasio, who may in fact now easily win the general election, to be held in about a month or so...

Speaking of jackasses... I can't even be bothered to explain why There Shalt Never Be A Mayor Weiner...

This was a primary day with a wide field of strong candidates, some with hard-to-pronounce names (above). My favorite, for the conspiracy-minded, was the Astoria, Queens, candidate for city council: John Ciafone. C.I.A. Fone?! Click-click! Tap-tap!

On Fulton Street in Brooklyn, the brightly-lit office for John Liu, candidate for mayor, who did not prevail. 

And in the Bronx, clearly someone with a bright red felt-tip marker wants you to know something about Hector Ramirez!

UPDATE: Bill de Blasio (above right), who won the Democratic primary election, wants the entire city to know something about his family; in fact, his son Dante (left) featured in a TV ad, revealing of course that although de Blasio senior may resemble so many other tall, slightly patrician white males who have ruled and ruled and scored and scored, his wife Chirlane (above, second right) is black, and his kids Dante and Chiara are, like President Obama, half black, half white. There can be no doubt that this has been part of de Blasio's appeal to the electorate. He will face Republican candidate Joe Lhota in the general election for NYC mayor in November.