Thursday, July 04, 2013

Jamaica: Jerk, Chickens

I was in a McDonald's in Jamaica, Queens the other evening, when a surreal scene unfolded. The restaurant went on fire. Or at least, somehow a small fire started in the trash, in the men's room.

Gradually, the restaurant filled with smoke. Some people, choking and coughing, ran out into the night.  Others, like young Tawana Oblivious on the right, chose to sit through the growing haze of smoke.

Members of staff did not seem too concerned, and could be heard telling customers not to panic...indeed, could be heard telling customers to "yo, it's not a real fire, it's just a little fuckin smoke". And in fact, though the smoke continued to accumulate, a staff member was already inside the men's room with a fire extinguisher.

And so the situation was under control... I think!