Sunday, December 25, 2011

Around Town

The cars they drove: a Dodge Challenger parked across Eighth Avenue from Madison Square Garden.

The things they worshiped: strange family of totem-starers on the Upper West Side.

The Man in Red: Santa, everywhere. As I keep reminding people, Santa is just an anagram of SATAN.


Don't forget, times are tough this Christmas. Above, one of many small, independent-y
businesses, heading for the history books. 

Apposite for the neighborhood: a ramshackle Christmas decoration thing in Spanish Harlem.

The secrets she told: gossiping outside a West 21st Street night club.

I: The food they ate: fruit stalls are everywhere in New York City these days. 

II: The food they ate: chicken with rice stall; nearly as ubiquitous as the fruit stall (see above).

Their lives, our memories, memorialized: a First World War memorial in Central Park.

Accursed Claus! Christmas everywhere on 125th Street.

On 175th Street, the invitation still goes forth from that famous church:
"Come on in! Or, smile as you pass."

And in Spanish Harlem again: not a neon Bible, but a neon Cross. 
Merry Christmas and happy holidays to you all.