Friday, December 23, 2011

Freewheeling on Freylinghuysen

To quote Wikipedia,
Route 27 crosses into Newark, Essex County at the Virginia Street intersection, where it becomes Frelinghuysen Avenue, a road that heads north through the Dayton neighborhood of Newark, passing through urban areas and by Weequahic Park.
Ah, Frelinghuysen Avenue, you are my darling, Come sit you down upon my knee, And tell to me the very reason, Why I am slighted so by thee... It's not just me feels slighted by this desolate street in Newark, New Jersey. I'd think anybody who pitched up there late at night, as I did recently, would wonder about the ill  luck or terrible fate that brought them to this stretch of poisoned post-Soviet pavement.

When looking at these photos I hope you will agree with me that there is even serenity and peace on the edge of desolation, under the silent halos of the streetlights.

I felt at times that the streetlights were in some kind of secret conversation with the leafless trees.

A thoughtful reminder from some steely locals... I did not need any for my nerves.

The ghastly green afterglow from a visiting fliegende Untertasse.

But it was the trees that struck me as most alien... silent, still, gnarled, angular...

...stark in the glow of the neon streetlights... 

...that, and Chicken Holiday and Pizza!