Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Oh No She Doesn't

From that reservoir of Hibernian wisdom, Irish Central, comes the strange tale of the woman from Oregon who after dental surgery, discovered that her voice had changed... she woke up with an Irish accent!!!

Except she didn't.

If you can be bothered, follow the link and watch the videos. She sounds about as Irish as Steven Hawking's computerized voice. Some news reports suggested that the same woman woke up with an English accent. Basically she woke up and her voice had changed — a medical mystery, certainly — but it just sounds squeaky and weird, not Irish or English.

This crucial information -- that the woman doesn't really have an Irish accent at all -- is half-admitted almost at the very end of the story: "...the 56-year-old tax consultant's accent now sounds like a strange mix between Irish, South African and British."

Groan. To mitigate the grotesque disappointment that this story delivers, I put up another nice photo of Murlough Bay in County Antrim.