Tuesday, May 10, 2011

People Who Make You Go 'Huh?' and 'Hmm...'

There is taking the moral high ground, and then there is falling from a great height. I'm not sure where former President of Ireland Mary Robinson is, but she's certainly falling.

On Sunday last, Robinson said during a BBC radio interview that: "We still probably don’t know the full truth, but it does appear that Osama Bin Laden was unarmed when the attack was made. In those circumstances, it would have been appropriate that he would be arrested and brought to justice....A great democracy would do that." (Maybe she meant unhinged, not unarmed?)

Oh good grief — she's lived in New York for how long now, and she thinks the U.S. is a great democracy? Actually, in an era of belt-tightening, one might have applauded that bin Laden was not brought to justice, at great expense, and that instead the U.S. sent him some home-delivered justice on the cheap. And paid for transportation of his body and his funeral!

Meanwhile, yawping their way into the gutter: people who, in the wake of the Navy SEAL action which killed bin Laden, are falsely claiming to be former Navy SEALs. Like Pastor Jim Moats of Pennsylvania, who told of his happy memories of his days as a SEAL, which included being waterboarded. Yes, he's that dim.

Waterboarding, all should know, is the enhanced interrogation technique favored by the Bush administration, and which involves not-quite-drowning someone until they cough up some information. Perhaps in the end, tipping bin Laden's body off a plank into the sea was the ultimate waterboarding...