Monday, February 22, 2010

Somewhere Becoming Rain

Above: what do you see? It's a mountain. OK... read on.

Everyone involved in this seems to have acted excessively, perhaps mother included: Police officers in the Bronx burst in on a man who was beating his 61-year-old mother with a frying pan Sunday night and fatally shot him, the police said (-- New York Times).

Sighted on: 14th Street across from the Apple Store, the hand of the mysterious Godbuns.

Confused by: I walked past a building in Harlem, on which a sign stated: "Little Sisters of the Assumption." Not being Catholic, I am frequently confused by that Catholic meaning of assumption, which is to be whisked into Heaven. Primary definition for me has always been: a taking to or upon oneself of an opinion, position So for a moment I thought of a roomful of old nuns chattering away: "Well, I used rat poison instead of yeast but I assume it's not going to kill us." "Oooh, yes, I figured since the horizon looks flat, that the Earth can't be round." "Of course Mary was assumed into Heaven... at least we always assumed she was assumed..."

The above image is of a part of the Alps, the Bernina Range. I was trying to find a different photograph, one of a series by Swiss photographer Balthasar Burkhardt, who has a reputation for his aerial photography of immense things both natural and man-made. I used this one instead, because I could not find the Burkhardt image I liked online.

What you see is a vast layering of snow and ice draped like a bed sheet over the knees, elbows, of the Alps. Millions of tons of snow simply hang there at steep angles, reminding us that somewhere, everywhere, in our world and universe there are enormous forces of pent-up energy that right now are simply motionless, standing perfectly still