Thursday, February 04, 2010

Randomized Images

American English! I've always like the adding of -ized to create words which often are used to carry the meaning of a longer phrase. Consider 'mirandized,' meaning, in the context of cops and crims: To inform (a suspect) of his or her legal rights. And so, for this posting, I have randomized some images.
When riding the Tokyo subway, do not sit next to the knitting cow.

Nor should you play golf with eggs and an umbrella.

At times do you pine for the Eighties? Don't.

At the beginning of time, imagined by the Russian-French, but ultimately Jewish, artist, Mark Chagall. He illustrated sections of the Bible, copies are on sale in any decent book store. Above, a whirly-gig moment as God builds His Creation during the early chapters of Genesis.
These kind of turbulent times we live in, it's good to check in on History. This book I have never read cover-to-cover, but dipping in over the years gave me perspective on our world and our lives, and confirmed that the activities of men and women over many generations created the world we live in: societies are the shape they are because they grew organically. There's no prior reason for the outcome to be this way, no blessed Judeo-Christian West enlightening the world with market capitalism.

There's a time and a place for goofy humor. I came across this above yesterday. You might also like Yoko Bono.

There are times I wonder what to do next. Not any more. Keep it a secret, please: I have my future career all figured out (above).

There was a time when new 1G digital memory cards for cameras were newly available, but would easily crap out and become corrupted. Above, one surviving image from a 1G card, hundreds were lost.

And there was a time when the New York City subway looked like this...