Thursday, March 30, 2006

Immigration USA 2006

Immigration policy is a huge issue in the United States this year. I am keeping a close eye on the issue as I reported on it in the past, and also because immigration stories, crossing the spectrum from tragedy to triumph, are always fascinating. As so often in the U.S., debate is heated and polarized, sometimes maddeningly so. It's reassuring to find a calm, rational voice such as this woman, who injects much-needed calm on her web site with the headline WHEN ILLEGALS GO BERSERK WILL YOUR STATE BE PREPARED? Before I read further, I risked the guess that her answer to the question in her headline is something along the lines of: "ARM YOURSELVES NOW! KILL! KILL! KILL!!" And I wasn't wrong -- but what had not occurred to me, is that (according to her) undocumented immigrants are in league with the federal government! The immigrants will start rioting so that the Feds will then have an excuse to impose martial law and compulsory viking-hat-wearing on Thursdays! Maybe even higher taxes!!!