Thursday, March 16, 2006

From hoy noy, broyn coy to hoots the noo!

There was an airline advertising campaign in the United States a few months ago where colloquial or catchy place names were juxtaposed to create an almost-rhyming or rhythmic slogan about two popular destinations. I think it might have been Continental Airlines -- if anyone knows what I am talking about, please let me know. An example would be "From the Big Apple to the Big Easy," except the creators got much cleverer than this. I believe one of them might have been something like "From the Upper East Side to the West End," indicating JFK to Heathrow.

The title of this post is my own crap attempt at this type of slogan. If you don't get it, then you don't know the ancient art of stereotyping accents and let's just leave it at that. (You are probably never going to see the horse's arse either). But this weekend I will set off again, from Northern Ireland back to beautiful Edinburgh, and that always-looming, all-prevading castle, pictured here with last week's dusting of snow...