Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Information is Hilarious

Alumin(i)um! It's Alumin(i)um! Dammit, you're WRONG. Alumin(i)um! Alumin(i)um!

I just found Information Is Beautiful, a site dedicated to, well, beautifully-displayed information. With tongue firmly in cheek, the site owner presents several examples which I share with you now, including Wikipedia's Lamest Edit Wars:

I marked my favorites with red asterisks on this screen shot above. You can see the real thing here. There was a fight amongst Wikipedia editors over the diameter of the Death Star in Star Wars!? A debate as to whether the entry on cow-tipping should have a photo of a cow, with the words: "An unsuspecting potential victim of cow-tipping"??!

Don't miss another equally engaging map: Because Every Country Is The Best At Something. Hmmm... Ireland has the best quality of life, but the Central African Republic has the most expensive Internet! And Belarus has the most unemployed women...

Blending serious with silly, as I often do, please also note that the Oxford English Dictionary online recently re-wrote the dictionary definition for the word "information," extending it out to, as one commentator suggested, a 9,400-word novella (screen shot of the start of the entry below).
Notice what is the very first, top, though now partly obscure, definition? "The imparting of incriminating knowledge."