Wednesday, December 29, 2010

New Zealand

In pondering some aspects of my ancestors' lives, I started looking for information online pertaining to immigration from Ireland to New Zealand in the 1900s. On the New Zealand government's archive web site I found this map, above, of a tiny island, Hauturu, or Little Barrier Island, somewhere down there.

Specifically, I am trying to find out if my two great uncles and their several sisters, who emigrated to New Zealand in the 1910s, became New Zealand citizens, and when. Both great uncles, George and Robert McKinley, joined the New Zealand Rifle Brigade and fought in France in the First World War. I am wondering if they had time to become New Zealand citizens first, or if citizenship of New Zealand was required for serving in the army? (Non-citizens with green cards can join the U.S. Military, which fast-tracks naturalization considerably). I'm going to guess that in those days, loyal stalwarts of the Empire seeking to enlist were welcome regardless of the far-flung recruiting office they lined up at.

From tiny little tropical islands to that other small island, though small only in physical dimensions -- Bruce McCall, an illustrator whose work I love, imagines Manhattan in which pedestrians and cyclists take precedence over the automobile on the streets.
Speaking once again of the southern hemisphere, I read today that Americans are seeking better jobs and life opportunities in Australia.