Monday, November 08, 2010

The Summer Revisited Again

Blogging at Dungannistan has been non-existent lately for no particularly good reason. The onset — indeed, the onslaught — of Winter, has happened with its normal swift knife to the kidneys, felt as always in mid-to-late October, on a late afternoon day when for no good reason, one finds oneself under-dressed, cold and exposed to the eerie chill of some stupid street in the Bronx or Brooklyn. There is a late sun setting in the sky, but now it gives no warmth. What was so reliable, the warming sun, the fierce afternoon raging fire of the summer sun, is now a taunting memory. It is cold. It is Winter. Brrrrrrr!

New York City shares the same latitude as Rome, but the two cities have very different climates. To which I say: Brrrrrrrr! Above, a very different Brooklyn than today: August 2010.