Thursday, October 28, 2010

Darling, Those Frightful Bureau People Came Round Again

...You should have seen what they were wearing!

Actually, the FBI is nothing to be afraid of.  The ones who really chill my blood are... the Reclaimers.

The text of the above party invitation reads:

A Halloween Party to Stop the FBI Witch Hunt

The FBI recently raided the homes & offices of anti-war and international solidarity activists in several cities, issuing subpoenas to appear before a grand jury.

Dancing! Drinking! Solidarity!
Bring friends and family!

Friday, October 29, at the Brecht Forum
7 to 11pm, 451 West St., New York City
$10-100 donation, sliding scale
Children welcome

Monies raised will support the Committee to Stop FBI Repression
For more information:

An important update--each of the fourteen activists subpoenaed to appear signed a letter from the lawyers stating they would NOT testify. The Assistant U.S. Attorney, Brand Fox, told the lawyers he would withdraw the subpoenas, but he would say nothing more. This is not over yet - the government is not likely to let go. The government has a number of options—more raids, arrests, new subpoenas, or offering immunity to some with the threat of jail if they do not speak. For the time being, the FBI continues to harass other anti-war activists at their homes and work places, trying to divide and intimidate. So we need your help – we’ll see you on Friday!