Thursday, April 08, 2010

Browning the Electorate

U.K. Prime Minister Gordon Brown has just yesterday called a general election for May 6th, which short of a minor miracle will likely see him lead the governing Labour Party to an ignominious defeat, just like the kick in the ass British voters gave to the Conservatives in 1997. For those unfamiliar with the British system, the Prime Minister of the day must call an election on or before the date by which the current session of Parliament is five years old. This gives the Prime Minister something of an advantage, depending on the political scene: if the governing party seems to be riding high in the polls after, say, three and a half years into a parliamentary session, then he or she might call an election and, if they win, buys the government an extra couple of years with which to screw things up, sorry, govern.

But Brown has been at best, weird, if not actually disastrous in his time as P.M., and I can reveal to you just how unbalanced and dangerous after receiving the following email from him in my magic Gmail Spam folder this morning. I mean, he calls himself a prudent Scotsman??!