Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Pope Goes The Weasel?

It seems the Pope could use a prayer or two right now, but he probably doesn't yet realize it. The scandal over pedophile priests and child abuse, wending its way from New York and Boston, onwards around the world, with an especially loud and long stop in Ireland, has produced one consistent response from Catholic Church leaders and the Vatican: why are you trying to bring disgrace on the Church? Shut up and go away!

I remember when Cardinal Law of Boston only with great reluctance complied with the FBI and gave over information that was required of the diocese in 2004. It was as if Law were saying: this is most inconvenient. Don't you know there is one law for the public and a separate set of rules for the Church, namely, whatever suits us best?

And so that's why I say Benedict doesn't yet realize that he needs prayer, for he does not yet realize what damage has been done to his Holey, Roamin' Church, with its authority threadbare after almost ten years of these revelations, weasel words, over-due apologies.