Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Heaven-o! We're retarded!

My recent postings seem even more eclectic than usual; and so, to Kleberg County, Texas, where in 1997, the following happened:
...Kleberg County Commissioners unanimously voted to adopt "heaven-o" as the official greeting of the county instead of "hello". Kleberg County residents are now encouraged to use "heaven-o" to acknowledge one another. The reason cited for the change was the fact that hello contains the word hell, even though there is no etymological connection.
And here I was explaining to people from Ireland, the U.K., Europe, (though mostly to myself) that really, only the silliest of U.S.-of-Ass-news-o'-the-weird reaches the wider Earth, and that Americans are not really that religious...

Utterly unrelated to this is Marlon Brando, above, as Mark Anthony in Julius Caesar.