Thursday, December 03, 2009

Vast, Relentless Roaring River

What are you doing right now? I hope you aren't trying to watch the news.

A vast, relentless roaring river of moronic, predictable, paint-by-numbers pretend news: that is what the mainstream media in America feels like if you 'watch' or 'listen' to 'the news.' Flail and scream in the ever-rolling stream of tat!

Tiger Woods' infidelity, shopping, rain storms, shopping! oh look! a cute cat stuck up/down a drain in New Jersey and Now, Over To Shopping Susan, Who Has The Weather For Shoppers: Susan? Well Jim, It's Raining! Taha-haha-ha! Better Mind Those Tulip Pants Are So Expensive That One Bronx Man Has Inked A Deal To Sue That Was Then, This... Is Now:

Newspapers are dying everywhere in America, and if ever — if ever — real news needs reporting, it's now, when hatred of Obama is reaching only the simmer point. But who cares who hates who, in a country this big, where we all hate the government?

Listen: that couple who crashed the White House? That was a dry run for an assassination attempt, even if the dopey gate-crashers or the media, or the authorities, don't seem to realize. Did you hear the quiet sound of a mind somewhere in America shifting up a gear, realizing what is possible? And a carload of killers turn from a dirt road on to a main road.

Take time to note these days of December, to note down on paper, just how insouciant and carefree, care-less, all of America is, and how carefree YOU are, right now. Yes, there's the recession. Yes, there are no jobs. Yes, times are tough, but Obama's battling away in there, there's a lot on his plate, there's Christmas, just mere old Christmas again, right around the corner, another tranche of turkey breast, and the ball drops and it's, yeeeaaaahhh! 2010, jokes and drunks in Times Square, and I bet something awful is driving along a highway right now, some absolute monster of a human being is going to see his or her vial of poison season the whole stew, the pot is going to boil. "There is Death in the pot"! (— 2 Kings 4:38-41).

I have no greater intuition than anyone else I know. But I have an awful feeling. Something horrible is just ahead: "now you're really in the total animal soup of time..."