Thursday, April 28, 2016

What's The Point In Opening A Store Like This?

At the Last Stop Inconvenience Store, Woodlawn, The Bronx, NY.

At this store recently, I asked the assistant for a can of soda, and was rebuffed with the mind-bending reply, "we don't sell any drinks". It was like going into a shoe store and being told that they only stock shoes for left feet...

Cigars, cigarettes, hookahs — but no drinks. Snacks, candy, chips — but no cans of soda. Gum, aspirins, Imodium, alka seltzer — but no bottled soft drinks. Chocolate! Nuts, salted and unsalted! Welch's fruit snacks! Pretzels! Fluorescent things with less than 0% nutritional value! Heart-shaped confectionaries all year round! But no drinks of any kind. 

What is the point?