Monday, July 28, 2014

What's Wrong With the Whites?

A downtown 1 train approaching Dyckman Street. 
This morning, in a deli, a customer was ordering his breakfast ahead of me, and he noticed the arrival behind the counter of a big pot of still-steaming hard-boiled eggs. 

With my face registering some level of agreeableness, I watched as he asked for an egg, then proceeded to eat it, joking with the guy behind the counter — "can I get a little salt?… no, shake it right into my mouth, man!" — and then heard the deli guy say: "there is only one way to eat an egg like this". 

We're both now looking at him with curiosity, as he reaches for another hard-boiled egg, and… he raises it to his mouth… and…  he squeezed it just enough so that the hard round yolk popped out into his mouth. Then he tossed the white away. 

And in unison, we both cried: "What's wrong with the white?!" 

He just shrugged.