Thursday, September 22, 2011

I Was Shocked That The Aliens Who Abducted Me Hadn't Upgraded To Vista

Of mild interest to a few people last week, was Microsoft's launch of its latest Windows 8, which the corporation released as a version running on a tablet (see above). The tablet is being demonstrated in the photo by Microsoft's Steven Sinofsky. 

Sinofsky, it has to be said, sort of resembles an extra from a Star Trek episode. And so it was most unfortunate that the above photo appeared in AM New York newspaper right next to an article about the death of Charles Hickson, "the Mississippi man who said he was abducted by aliens" in 1973, because for the rest of the day, when I thought of Hickson's bizarre yet consistent retelling of his abduction, Sinofsky's smug visage would float into my mind...