Thursday, February 03, 2011

Act As If He's Still Alive!

Mainstream America's Media (or should I say... Medea?) is revving up for a Reagan 100th anniversary head-bang. If you have you head screwed on, you'll know that Reagan's time in the big house was when America's working class began in earnest vote and worship in direct opposition to its own interests. (For right-wingers who say this sort of comment indicates a form of left wing snobbery towards how real voters really vote, just remember, you tend to say that about foreign (for example, Egyptian voters) electorates -- 'what if they elect extremists!?')

But still, I have to say I am amused by this: TIME magazine's anodyne cover suggesting Obama and Reagan like each other (note: Reagan is always in the present tense with his hagiographers, because he isn't really dead). Someone turned it around, quite amusingly, below.