Friday, October 30, 2009

Saint-Pierre and Miquelon

I never heard of these islands before: Saint-Pierre and Miquelon, "where France meets North America!" as the islands' excited web site says. The islands lie just south of Newfoundland, and 800 miles north-east of Boston, in the North Atlantic (see map below). Being close to French-speaking Canada, of course the islands are francophone, but they are also still French territorial possessions! In other words, Americans and Canadians have to pass through French (E.U.) passport control to visit the islands.

Tiny islands indeed. But size matters, and while in fact there are more than two of these petit morceaux, they are collectively known by the names of the two largest islands, naturally. Do not forget that after St Pierre and Miquelon there's also Ile aux Marins, Langlade,and many other little spits of rock.